Round, oval, square, rectangular Copper tube, for induction heating and induction furnaces

Seamless drawn shaped copper tubing is produced here In Poole, Dorset UK in metric and imperial dimensions. Different shapes ranging from 3x3mm to 80mm square and almost every size inbetween (0.118” sq to 3.250” sq)

Many sizes are stocked to aid urgent Induction Heating repairs or new build projects for Induction Furnaces, or with fast made to order lead times.

Tooling if needed, is produced in house to achieve faster production times for our Shaped Copper tube ( hollow conductor tube)

Available in shorter cut to length or longer length straight sections in soft annealed condition, as well as half hard or hard as drawn Copper conditions. Tube can also be supplied coiled in soft condition.

Our fast production lead times also enable quick export order options. 

shaped copper tube

Phosphorous deoxidised99.85% CuC106Cu DHPCW024AUNS C12200
Electrolytic Copper99.90% CuC101HC-ETPCW004AUNS C11000
Oxygen Free Copper99.95% CuC103OFCW008AUNS C10200

minimum dimensionmaximum dimensionfrom wallto wall thickness
Oval - flat oval - square - rectangular0.118" / 3mm3.25" / 80mm0.012" / 0.3mm5/16" / 8mm

Round within square, round within rectangle, heavy wall round, HC and OF tubes:
All dimensions by arrangement and developed to customer requirements.